Hello, Internet explorer!

My name is Janice Pang. I’m a digital designer & educator living in the beautiful, bike-friendly city of Norfolk, VA. I’m passionate about building platforms and experiences that put people first.

You can find my resume here and my select works below.

Client Work

I’ve had the privilege to work with and lead multidisciplinary teams to create digitial platforms and campaigns for clients including Google, Adidas, and Adult Swim. Here’s a selection of my recent work.

Community Projects

I firmly believe we create the communities we want to be part of. Over the 8 years I've lived in Norfolk, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with individuals & organizations who share this value. Together, we've launched and sustained initiatives that enable our community to thrive.

Reach Out

You can reach me by email at janice.jamye.pang@gmail.com  💌

I’d especially love to hear from you if you’d like to collaborate on:

  1. UX and visual design for your digital product
  2. UX and visual design workshops
  3. Branding for your small business or community initiative