People working inside of ENJOY: People working inside of ENJOY: People working inside of ENJOY:

The interior of ENJOY: photographed by Mike Washington

Creating a space for food, art, and culture.

In December 2017, Field Guide closed its doors. On a personal level, I lost one of my favorite lunch and dinner joints; on a community level, Norfolk lost a gathering place.

The following fall, Grow opened the doors to ENJOY: in Field Guide’s place. Following the restaurant’s communal model, Grow developed the space to serve as the lunchroom and common space for its 50+ employees during the day, and to reconfigure at night to fit the experiential needs of various pop-ups.

I worked with a small group at Grow to craft ENJOY:’s brand & marketing system, directing the brand’s physical and digital presence.


  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Marketing


  • Sketch
  • Google Slides


  • Drew, CCO
  • Elaine Gozar
  • Neil Pullman
  • Andy Stites

Beginning with a name

We saw the space as an opportunity to celebrate creative expression — both for the agency and for Norfolk’s broader community – and we wanted to name to reflect that.


A space dedicated to the joy of creative exploration.

With a name to build on, I explored design concepts with physical & digital applications in mind. Here’s a sample of the digital explorations:

Concept 1

Instagram post for Studio Posy workshop with hand-drawn illustrations Instagram post for a tasting with Todd Jurich with hand-drawn illustrations

Concept 2

Instagram post for a tasting with Todd Jurich with deviled  eggs illustrated in the arrangement of a colon Instagram post for Studio Posy workshop with flowers illustrated in the arrangement of a colo

Concept 3

Instagram post for Studio Posy workshop with colorblocked text Instagram post for a tasting with Todd Jurich with colorblocked text

Building the brand

We solidified the brand by combining the best aspects of each concept – the excitement of Concept 1; the refinement of Concept 2; and the quirkiness of Concept 3 – drawing from the visual language in Concept 3.

ENJOY:'s color palette
A row of ENJOY: print marketing materials, incuding a calendar and flyers
A row of ENJOY: collateral, including a cup, pins, and business cards

Telling our story online

Before opening ENJOY:’s doors to the public, we introduced the concept and the brand with a website that showcased the space’s potential. The website was our opportunity to show how every aspect of the space is dynamic — from menu boards that turn into product displays, to a bar that transforms into a display counter.

See the live site at  ↬

Landing Page - Desktop

Space Configurations – Mobile

Multifunctional Bar

Modular Shelving

Branding in action


Since opening in 2018, ENJOY: has hosted over 20 events – including chef pop-ups, documentary screenings, art galleries, and professional development workshops.


I’ve worked with 3 operating managers to ensure brand consistency.


I hosted my own event at ENJOY: in August 2019 & got to put the brand system to the test. Check out photos from my Zine Swap event below!

Grid of photos from the Zine Swap event I hosted in ENJOY:, including photos of the exterior signage, people attending the bookbinding workshop, and people reading zines.

Photos by Mike Washington

Reach Out

If you’d like to learn more about this project, I’d love to hear from you. I’d be happy to share how the branding has taken shape, and how we can work together to shape your brand.

You can reach me by email at  💌